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Steve Smith Podcast

Jul 27, 2017

WCNL's voice guy, Aaron Lapierre came up to Newport when Steve was on vacation, so they recorded another podcast.  The A-train talks about his Goshen tour, how much he loved Runnings, Country Kitchen, and the area.  Plus the guys tell lots of radio stories.

Jul 26, 2017

Kevin is in studio talking about how he missed a Lobster Dinner this past week, his past lobster dinner where he had 28 lobsters, Steve tells his root beer story, Kevin brings up Lempster a couple times, Steve's grandmother's garden, Kevin talks about raising his raccoon, and lots more.

Jul 26, 2017

Car Nutz members Wayne and Eddie are back in studio (after Steve was on vacation last week).  The boys talk about their trip to the Lakes Region this weekend, would Wayne sell his truck for half a million bucks?  Eddie talks about his truck troubles, trouble finding mechanics in the future, and lots more.

Jul 26, 2017

Leigh Stocker from Summercrest is in studio talking about the top ways a caregiver can accidentally sabotage their relationship with a loved one.   Leigh ads her own personal experience with her father over the past recent months, to give her take on caregiver relationships.

Jul 24, 2017

Rep Ray Gagnon talks Trump and his dislike for Trump, the problem with the media, Claremont news, including  issues with a state rep and city council member, Claremont's train station, hobos, and more.