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Steve Smith Podcast

Nov 30, 2015

Dr Harvey-Smith of River Valley Community College is in studio talking about the exciting happenings at the Claremont campus, plus the Lebanon expansion and Keene campus.  She is joined by Dr Cindy Galagher. 

Nov 30, 2015

Dr Cindy Galagher from SAU 43 swung in for a couple minutes to talk Christmas music and the Croydon School District going to court today in Dover, NH

Nov 30, 2015

Representative Ray Gagnon of Claremont is back in studio.  He talked about the Jefferson Jackson Democratic Dinner, different accents, NH drug problem, Thanksgiving recap and much more

Nov 25, 2015

Kevin is back in studio and talks about NH Fish and Game, the awful Patriots & Bills game, Newport Football, Steve's desire to be a bird watcher, worms that eat plastic, and more random stuff.

Nov 24, 2015

Rep Ray Gagnon discusses the special session last week down at the State House, plus invited Trinity Dix into studio to talk about the Claremont stories project