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Steve Smith Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

This is the final time we will have Chief Burroughs on as Newport's Police Chief.  Burroughs is retiring today, and came in on the radio for one final segment.  We brought in lots of special guests to wish him well on his final show, including Sunapee's Chief David Cahill, Claremont Chief Mark Chase, newly announce Chief of Newport - Brent Wilmont, Newport Lt Craig Robertson, from the NH State Police - Jason Almstrom, Sheriff John Simonds, former Newport Police Chief David Hoyt and from Ruger - John Clark.  The group tell some stories, wish Jim a happy retirement, and share their thoughts.  Jim talked about last night's ceremony at the Newport Opera House, what he will be doing next, and sincerely wished the Newport Police Dept & Newport Community his warmest thanks for a wonderful career.  Jim signed off on WCNL with us for the last time as Chief, but he is welcome back anytime.  #ThankYouChief