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Steve Smith Podcast

Mar 16, 2020

SAU #43 Superintendent Dr. Brendan Minnihan is in studio discussing the Covid 19 situation.  Coming directly from a staff meeting this morning, Dr. Minnihan spoke about the latest situation with the Newport School District.  Governor Sununu closed all public schools at a press conference Sunday until at least April 3rd.  We spoke about what this means for students & staff, how online & at home learning will take place, how the school breakfast & lunch program will service it's population, the Newport school board and select board working together for the betterment of the community, how the school shutdown will or will not alter graduation & April vacation, how special ed students and those with IEP's will be affected, Pre-K thru 3rd grade learning, distributing Chrome Books to at home learners, and lots more.  This pandemic is something we all as a society are dealing with and learning about, and the Newport School District's plans are fluid; willing to change when need arises.