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Steve Smith Podcast

Jan 19, 2024

Dancing With The Newport Stars is Jan 26 & 27 on the Newport Opera House stage.  Our next All Star couple is Christine Smith and Gary Stanhope.  Christine danced in 2023 with Robert Steele.  As Robert is with his original partner Fran Huot, Christine has a new dance partner, Gary Stanhope.  We talk about if it was a...

Jan 18, 2024

From the Newport Recreation Department, PJ Lovely is back after working on making a ton of ice for the ice rink this past week.  We talk about the rink and it's conditions, the upcoming Winter Carnival schedule, Woodstock theme for Winter Carnival, and more.  

Jan 18, 2024

Newport Selectman Jim Buroughs and interim Town Manager Paul Brown are here as we talk about missing being on the radio these last few months, Town Manager search update, how the Selectman's meeting went Monday, the tow truck rotation, Dancing With The Newport Stars is next week, the Car Nutz Main Street cruise...

Jan 18, 2024

Returning Star Shannon MacMichael is here with her Pro Steve Patten as we talk about the All-Star edition of Dancing With The Newport Stars, doing two different dances, how much fun they are having, Shannon's "bubble", and lots more.  The show is happening at the Newport Opera House stage on Jan 26th and 27th.  Buy your...

Jan 17, 2024

Our next couple in studio to talk about Dancing With the Newport Stars.  Fran Huot is back with her pro Robert Steele, as we talk about relearning their old dance, things feeling comfortable right away, what has been most fun about this new year, the Alumni dance, and lots moe.